Curriculum Vitae, aka The Story of Me

I came into existence in the year of 1983 in a magical Székely village named Gyergyóremete in Transylvania, as the second child of two wonderful people - to whom I am grateful.

The very first experiences which made me who I am today - or at least the ones I remember -, are the love and respect for nature and animals, and for the creator. It was my parents who urged me to nurture these feelings, and who also taught me about the importance of practicing kindness. Hungarian songs, literature and folk songs are some of the treasured values in my family, which might have served as roots to my current activities. I tried braving these values, searching for one or more different forms which stand far from these family customs. I started doing sports at a very tender age - judo, boxing, karate -, where I was met by both joy and success. In my tameless youth, which blossomed in the city of Csíkszereda, I took part in practically everything. Those acts which I could not take part in, I made up - or, to put it simply, I was good and bad at the same time. (As my mother recalls, these words left my mouth first on a Spring day when I was only three years old.)

The wind of the final years of Communism blew me to Csíkszereda. This city is considered the centre of Székelyness, which for the people of Csíkszereda themselves is a known fact. This city acted as a true educational place, making my life highly colourful and teaching me through its community and in its schools: the Nagy Imre Elementary School and then the Lyceum. The lesson I learned from the local people was to always exhibit myself in a direct, clear way, and to be myself. Csíkszereda did not really have the kind of professional environment where classical music or opera would be part of the everyday life; still, many encouraged me to take steps in this direction. This is the reason why I consider it a part of my plans to help the city merge into the world of classical music in the future.

In the final years of the elementary school I had to give my future a thought. This was when I realized I had the most talent for music. Proof was that without any training I won numerous singing and folk singing competitions. My parents believed it to be unambiguous that I should follow the footsteps of my famous older brother and become a musician, body and soul. I studied at the Nagy István Lyceum for Music and Fine Arts, where true and long-lasting friendships were made. I learned a lot from my teachers who often scolded me for my unimprovable behaviour, but always forgave me, perhaps because of my talent. My results there urged me to try and continue my studies as a singing major. This was considered a daring step since no soul before me had ever tried it, but after a long, thorough and persistent preparation period, I finally gained acceptance and a scholarship to study at the Music Academy in Oradea. Therefore, after high school, where my kind-hearted teacher Melinda Mihály made me fall in love with classical music, my training was continued by a highly qualified, superb singing teacher, Marian Boboia. Her work was so efficient that the Hungarian State Opera welcomed me with open arms after my first audition.

They say, this was the point where I became an opera singer...